Working with pupils

With the end of the last 2 lockdowns, the re-arrangement of driving tests have not been re booked in chronological order by the DVSA which has resulted in driving instructors specialising particularly in intensive courses being forced to book random tests for pupils based on limited test availability linked with their pupils original course requirements. This in some cases has resulted in very little flexibility for extra lessons to be added before test due simply to the censertina effect of multiple pupils and random test dates. Consequently, these instructors have been forced to rescheduled tests for those pupils who don’t meet the test standard to the end of a very long queue. We as instructors don’t have a crystal ball nor special access to test availability. We do our best but are currently extremely busy and in most cases have a full schedule for the next 3-4 months. Sadly, our pupils have to fit in with our availability not the other way round. If you are a pupil affected in this way, please bear in mind that instructors have little control over events. Please be patient, we are all in the same boat and we have to hope the situation improves over the coming months.