Training and Driving Tests

Well, the restart to Driving Lessons still looks set for 12th April with Driving Tests resumed from 22nd April. Back in January we rearranged pupils lessons and tests to April and apart from a few amendments, our restart predictions were reasonably accurate.

As a result of the lack of availability of new Driving Tests, we are now temporarily extending our courses over a much longer period sometimes up to 8 weeks and where necessary, using a computerised search for cancellation driving tests where necessary.

We are still taking on new pupils during this shortage of Instructors and Driving Tests so check availability by clicking on “course options” where the diary will tell you what spaces and dates are already booked or pending. We are now also taking on pupils with no previous experience so check our website for details.

You can submit your booking for dates through the site without needing to pay a deposit and we will usually call you to discuss, approve and agree a schedule of lessons with you from which point, a small deposit and balance payment terms will be agreed with you at the time. Alternatively, contact us by telephone, text or email and we will help where we can.

We will still need all pupils to wear face coverings and confirm they do not have any symptoms of COCID 19 or have not been in contact with anyone with symptoms. Regular short breaks within lesson times will enable a respite from mask wearing briefly before continuing.