Theory Test Expiry

The petition has reached over 60,000 signatures but it needs 100,000 to have the matter debated in Parliament. Please write to your MP to help achieve this 100.000 target.

Our Associations continue to lobby MP’s and have received a blank refusal to consider the request to extend the expiry test by Baroness Vere in her role as Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State in the Department for Transport. She blames Driving Instructors poor assessment abilities(evidenced by a poor national Driving Test pass rate) for not extending the expiry on the grounds of safety.

Not sure what relevance that has but replies have been sent to her asking for proof of these allegations and voicing their comments on the safety aspect and the manner in which she addressed ADI’s.

As an Honorary member of the House of Lords, are we surprised by the lack of experience, sympathy and understanding of Driver Training and the effect this has had on thousands who are being forced to retake their Theory Test. Maybe she would like to suggest that all UK drivers should take their theory test again on the grounds of safety and those that fail – retake their Driving Test!

Watch this space.