Terms and Conditions

Intensive Driving School (IDS)

General Conditions

  1. IDS may not always undertake courses in their own right, but may search for fully qualified and Approved Driving Instructors to carry out the training.
  2. IDS suggests that pupils examine any terms and conditions peculiar to the Instructor/Driving Schools allocated for any variation to those made known when booked.
  3. IDS has issued all instructor/Driving School suppliers with a voluntary code of conduct to include aspects covering flexibility, professionalism and general standards of service and dress but Instructors/Driving Schools may also have their own Terms and Conditions which must be referred to.
  4. Whilst some Instructors may run the courses under their own or their driving schools Terms and Conditions, IDS as agents undertakes the following activities (5-10 in General Conditions) below:
  5. Advertising and marketing through its website www.intensivedrivingschool.co.uk
  6. Answering booking enquiries, dealing with special needs, taking bookings, searching for available Instructors/Driving Schools, booking Driving Tests and confirming details in writing to both the pupil and Instructor/Driving School
  7. Ensuring the Instructor/driving school contacts the pupil to confirm the arrangements made and agree the schedule of lessons
  8. Booking the Driving Test, accommodation and travel where requested by the individual but is not responsible for any complaints relating to the accommodation..
  9. Dealing with all correspondence and communications
  10. All correspondence will be by email unless specifically agreed with the pupil, Driving Instructor or Driving School. IDS accepts no responsibility for ensuring that the information/activity is carried out by the pupil including use of any tools provided for the enhancement of knowledge.

Booking Conditions

  1. A pupil may unless otherwise agreed, be required to pass their theory test prior to booking a driving course
  2. A pupil will also be required to present their Driving License and theory pass certificate to the instructor at the start of their course and for the driving test.
  3. Once the pupil has passed their theory test and subject to the above, a driving course may be booked and a deposit of £150 paid at the time of booking on-line via the website. IDS do not charge a fee for booking the driving test.
  4. Pupils must pay the agreed balance of their driving course to IDS at least 21 days prior to the course start date via Bank Transfer or Go Cardless -the arrangements for which will be set in motion by IDS and confirmed in writing.
  5. IDS require a non-refundable deposit of £150 to cover Driving Test Fees, test cancellation service and Instructor/Driving School booking fee payable at the time of booking on the website, which will secure the booking with the balance of course fees collected as mentioned in 2 and 3 Booking Conditions.
  6. Additional tuition over and above the agreed amount and/or beyond normal opening hours may be purchased individually from the Instructor at an agreed rate and in accordance with the Instructors/Driving Schools Terms and Conditions.
  7. Courses cannot normally be split and must be taken over consecutive days unless otherwise specially agreed. Please see website for normal opening times.
  8. There are no Test Pass Guarantees either provided by IDS or the instructor unless otherwise agreed with specific instructors and the appropriate additional course fees paid
  9. Please note that Instructors are under no obligation to take the pupil for test if they feel the pupil isn’t at a suitable standard. Every effort will be made to discuss their options in good time for the test to be delayed and further lessons booked

Cancellations and Amendments

  1. Pupil cancellations will be accepted at any time up to 21 days prior to the course start date but any deposit paid will be non-refundable. Courses or part courses cancelled by pupils less than 21 days before the start date will not be refunded except at the discretion of the Driving Instructor. Pupils should also refer to the individual Instructors Terms & Conditions for any variation in these arrangements. The above cancellation policy will also apply if the pupil is unable to produce their Driving License and Theory Pass certificate to the instructor at the start of the course and for the driving test itself.
  2. IDS or the Instructor may cancel a course at any time and, where alternative arrangements cannot be made, the full cost of the course will be refunded by the instructor/driving school subject to (Instructor and Pupil Welfare item 1) below.
  3. Any pupil disagreements about the advice given or the level of service provided by the Instructor should be discussed directly with the Instructor/Driving School and IDS accepts no responsibility for the Instructors actions/decisions.
  4. IDS accepts no responsibility for cancellations or re-arrangements outside its control but will try to accommodate any alternative proposals and arrangements.
  5. IDS or the Instructor reserves the right to make a surcharge or other penalty where the conduct of that course is affected due to unreasonable delay (including payment for additional lessons) by the pupil subject also to (item 1 cancellations and amendments) above.
  6. If driving tests are rearranged, driving courses will nevertheless continue on the dates already agreed unless otherwise approved by the instructor with further refresher lessons leading up to the revised test date agreed with the instructor.

Instructor and Pupil Welfare

  1. Any unnecessarily aggressive , unreasonable or confrontational behaviour towards the Instructor or IDS will not be tolerated and the Instructor or IDS reserves the right to cancel courses without refund of any part of the course fees.
  2. Pupils will be required to wear appropriate protective equipment and hand sanitize before getting into the car.
  3. Should any pupil demonstrate signs of COVID they will be asked to take a lateral flow test or nasal test which if positive will mean all lessons and driving tests are cancelled for 2 weeks or until the pupil is fit and well.
  4. It is the prerogative of instructors to refuse lessons and test as at 3 above if the pupils is showing symptoms of COVID even if tests are negative.
  5. Reasonable breaks will be taken during course sessions as required by either pupil or Driving Instructor. This time will not be added at the end.