Normally, we book Driving Tests for all our pupils which ensures that there is a test as close to the end of their courses as possible which is all part of the service. However, currently, there are no tests to book and we now prefer pupils to book their own Driving Test.
Please note, Instructors and Driving Schools have no special privileges re test allocations. If you don’t see a test to book, you will need to look on the DVSA test booking site every Monday at 6 am and then regularly everyday to see if further tests have been allocated or cancellations have become available. Although there is software to change an existing test for an earlier cancellation, there is no software available to search and book the initial test so you will have to check manually.

Finding an earlier driving test

If its just an earlier driving test you want, you can find an earlier driving tests than the one you’ve booked by clicking on the image below and get 20% off the price. It works really well, why not have a go? It’s the one we use. Don’t forget to refer to your driving instructor for their availability first.

Driving Test Cancellations 4 All | Unlimited Driving Test Cancellations Until You Pass

Common causes for failing your Driving Tests

Click on the 10 most common reason for failing a driving test and for tips for passing a driving test first time as well as the best learner-driver apps to download.

Insurance and cars for young drivers

For all your young driver needs, click on the – “get covered with Marmalade” image and you’ll get great deals on cars and insurance for learners and new drivers.