Lockdown Facts – January 2021

Driver training is still completely forbidden for all training purposes including those for Critical Workers

Private practice may continue subject to the journey/route is for an approved purpose e.g. Food and essentials shopping, work and other permitted purpose. Please check the Government website for these.

Theory Test expiry. Theory Test extensions are not able to be extended without an act of parliament. Our industry is lobbying Government through our Associations and you are also advised to write to your MP to support this. This pandemic has gone on for nearly 12 months and this aspect of the law needs to change now and for the future. Make your opinions known to your MP

We are still able to take bookings from early April onwards so don’t hesitate to book dates while they are still available. Our hope is we will be allowed to reopen in April as will shortly be reflected on our on line booking diary system.

Finally, although you can still book a course on our website, we will not be re-opening for training until a) the Government gives the go ahead and b) once our more vulnerable Instructors have been vaccinated.

Please stay safe