Current Problems

Since restarting training on 12th April our pupils have experienced issues with their Licenses and Driving Tests.

If you’ve applied for your driving license but haven’t received it, take not of the following:

2 pupils have still not received their renewal and new license from the DVLA. One has been waiting since January, YES January to have his license renewed and has so far, failed to speak to anyone about a medical issue he had been assured was no longer relevant. The other, applied for their license, spoke last week to someone and now cannot get through. Both had their driving courses booked and were unable to start without their license. Some of their course will be lost but we are holding the remaining sessions until their situation is resolved. It appears that the DVLA are not accountable and indeed, is there anyone working there at all or are they all still furloughed? Our business has suffered too by losing a weeks income to incompetence. Get your act together DVLA.

We have had 3 driving tests cancelled at short notice and re-arranged to a later date by the DVSA because their examiner was no longer available? Waiting times of 20 weeks+ for a test is now not unusual. We are able to help pupils find an earlier cancellation however and its worth giving us a call. We may be able to swap or find tests to suit.

Lets hope the situation improves as the country gets back to normal on 21st June…. watch this space?